Perrier Sparkling Mineral Water 330ML

Perrier Sparkling Mineral Water 330ML

US$ 2.31

Volume: 330ML

Brand: Perrier

Category: Beverages / Mineral Water

Country: France

Elegant, sparkling and refreshing.

• PERRIER Carbonated Mineral Water has delighted generations of beverage seekers for over 150 years, with its unique blend of distinctive bubbles and balanced mineral content.

• Originating in France, its effervescent spirit is known worldwide.

• It also offers a great alternative to carbonated soft drinks, with no sugar and zero calories.

• PERRIER is thirst-quenching on its own, but its crisp carbonation makes it the perfect partner for cocktails and drink recipes.

• It’s the ideal at-home or on-the-go beverage, making it a refreshing choice for every day.

US$ 2.31